Frequently Asked Questions

About the RenderMan Community

1) How can I contribute?

It’s simple. Just create an account in the RenderMan Forums, and you can submit your work, post resources, and build tutorials to share with the entire RenderMan Community. Just click the “Contribute” button featured in the upper right-hand corner and you’re on your way …

2) Do you have any guidelines for posting? 

Funny you should ask, yes we do! Here are our guidelines for posting. By following the guidelines you can make sure your posts are using the correct format and styles for our site. We encourage you to use those.

3) Can I post advertisements or other things to sell? 

The RenderMan Community does not accept submissions which are advertisements or items for sale. The intention of the site is to create a true community space. If you are a vendor who wishes to share assets please do, you may give yourself a small attribute at the end of your post. Thanks for your understanding.  

4) What kind of copyright is associated with contributions that I post here? 

It depends on the type of contribution.

Showcases & Tutorials – For showcases and tutorials, by default you retain ownership under the following Creative Commons license, which offers a high degree of protection including attribution, non-commercial use, and no derivative works. 

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Creative Commons License

Resources – By default resources are posted in the public domain. We encourage users to post resources in the public domain because it make sharing assets much easier. By uploading content as a resource, unless you stipulate otherwise your work (such as a shading network) enters into the public domain. 

Public Domain. Free of known copyright restrictions.

Public Domain Mark

Stipulate Your Own License – If you'd like to share your work, but wish to explicitly set your rights to the content, create your own a Creative Commons license. Licensing a work is as simple as selecting which of the six licenses best meets your goals, and then marking your work in some way so that others know that you have chosen to release the work under the terms of that license. For a Contribution to the RenderMan Community, you may add the license to your post, and include it as a README in your downloadable assets. 

The Creative Commons License-Choosing Tool can help you select the right license.

5) Where can I find more info about RenderMan?

If you have a question about RenderMan, chances are you'll be able to find an answer in our product FAQs page.

6) When commenting, should I try make comments that everyone can understand and enjoy?

 Great idea! We encourage all users of the community site to treat each other with respect and offer thoughtful constructive criticism on each other's work. Positive comments are always appreciated, of course, but we recommend not using the phrase "awesome sauce" more than once per hour.

7) What shouldn't I post?

This RenderMan Community is strictly moderated. By using the site, you agree that you will not post any Contribution that violates any right of a third party, including copyright, in addition to all of the conditions put forth in Pixar's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Basically, you agree to post only work you create and have a positive role in the Community. 

8) Help! I can't view the video tutorials on Linux, what can I do? 

Try using the Chrome or Firefox browsers. 

Using the Community Site

1) How do I change my profile picture?

This is how you can change your profile picture:

1 .Click your user icon, at the top-right of any community page.
2. Click Profile.
3. Here you can select Upload Picture.
4. Voila! 

2) Can all users in my community see my email address?

No. Take a look at another user's profile and you'll notice that an email address is not listed. The same goes for users who look at your profile.

3) Will old items on my activity list eventually expire?

No. Your history is preserved only as long as you have an account in the RenderMan Community.

4) Is there a way that I can get promoted to moderator status?

We like your style … yes! Top contributors may be promoted to moderator on a case by case basis. The best way to get promoted to moderator is to a) provide great contributions, b) provide good feedback to others, and c) make friends with site moderators.

5) Is the RenderMan Community mobile-friendly?

That is the goal, and we're working hard to ensure the RenderMan Community uses a responsive design, designed to display well on a whole range of devices.