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Stirling! : Automobile rendering in RIS

by archimage3d

On your marks, get set..... Render! Learn how to use RenderMan version 20 with these lessons.

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The Grand Tour #1 - Rendering a Car

by leif3d

You'll learn real practical production skills with this simulation of a small production pipeline.

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Intro to RenderMan for Blender 21

by rgordon

An overview of RenderMan for Blender 21, the free solution for creating VFX with RenderMan

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Bitesized Lessons #1: RIS Basics

by archimage3d

Anyone can render!: Introduction to fundamental Workflows, Tools and Concepts of RIS

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Still Life with RenderMan 20

by dylan.sisson

Intro to RIS and many of the new features in RenderMan 20. Maya Scene file included.

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Bitesized Lessons #2: RIS Materials

by archimage3d

The second course!: Continuing Bitesized, series we look at Materials in RenderMan 19 Ris

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The Journey

by gvprashanth

All the assets in this project were textured using Megascans and rendered using RenderMan.

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Using RenderMan without Maya

by bsavery

Do you want to try out RenderMan but not have a supported animation package? Start here.

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Official RIS Tech Series - Course #1

by christos

Each course consists of 10 classes, of roughly 30 to 45 minutes for each video tutorial.

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The Grand Tour #2 - Rendering a Tree

by leif3d

The Grand Tour: Getting Photorealistic at Point Reyes, simulates a small production pipeline.

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RIS: Path Tracer vs VCM Integrators

by christos

We discuss the various strengths of RenderMan's RIS Path Tracer and VCM Integrator.

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Cookies and Milk | Intro to RenderMan 21

by renderman

A CG recipe creating photorealistc food in RenderMan 21 for Maya

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