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19 lights

IES Light Library

This is a library of production ready lights for RenderMan for Maya, featuring 19 IES profiles.

IES profiles help you achieve physical photometric data distribution, in other words, a realistic light emission pattern based on original manufacturer specifications, giving your art an extra dose of realism. For more information about IES profiles see CGArena.

This library of IES lights includes the following IES profiles ...

Installing IES Profiles

RenderMan 20

To install in RenderMan 20, place the folder "sourceimages/IES_profiles" in your Maya project's "sourceimages" directory.

RenderMan 21

To install in RenderMan 21, place the "IES" folder inside your RenderMan Asset Library's "LightRigs" Folder. It is recommended you transfer the installation default RenderManAssetLibrary folder to a non-install location with full writing privileges.

Once you transfer the IES folder and move your Asset Library into a different location, it is important to tell Maya through the preferences that you want to use the new path.

Your preset browser will show all new presets, including our IES profiles.

Library created by Dylan Sisson - Updated to RenderMan 21 by Leif Pedersen

Public Domain. Free of known copyright restrictions.

Public Domain Mark

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