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Bullets Included - The Holdout System

(2:36 hours) Use the Holdout System in RFM to composite CGI over live action.

by Peter Aversten


“Bullets Included" is a project created by Peter Aversten to show the RIS Holdout System in version 20 of RenderMan for Maya, in which compositing CGI elements into live action is important. In this project breakdown, Peter will dive into the differents stages of the production, primarily focusing on lookdev and implementation with RenderMan for Maya.

Peter Aversten will cover everything from shooting the live action video, capturing an HDRI on set, building physically plausible shaders, illuminating the Gatling Droid with image-based lighting, and finally integrating the Gatling Droid with the original video.

Also included, is a complete Maya Project so you can follow along with the lessons, pull apart the Maya Materials, and render your own Gatling Droid, but also note that the Maya project with all the textures is quite large at 90 megabytes.

The Making of Bullets Included is divided in 10 chapters with an additional introductory video.

About the Author

Peter Aversten is a lighting TD and texture artist working at Cinesite, London. He has over 13 years of experience in the commercial and feature film industry, with films such as "Antman","x-men days of future past", “Man from U.N.C.L.E", “Let the Right One In", and “Underworld awakening" on his credit list. He has worked at numerous studios in Sweden, and has been using RenderMan since early 2000. www.aversten.com

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