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Light Collection

Library of Stylized Environment Lights

With this Stylized Environment Light Library, you are able to use a procedural version in RenderMan 20 or a Preset Browser version in RenderMan 21.

Some are realistic, some are psychedelic, but all are stylized!


Maya Integration - RenderMan 21

Due to sampling efficiency, the Dome light in RenderMan 21 needs to sample a tex file. Because of this I've baked the environment lights for use in the Preset Browser (Asset Library).

To install in RenderMan 21, place the "Stylized" folder inside your RenderMan Asset Library's "EnvironmentMaps" Folder. It is recommended you transfer the installation default RenderManAssetLibrary folder to a non-install location with full writing privileges.

Once you transfer the "Stylized" folder and move your Asset Library into a different location, it is important to tell Maya through the preferences that you want to use the new path.

Your preset browser will show all new presets, including our new "Stylized" Env Lights. No need to restart Maya. You might need to close and open the Preset Browser to refresh.

Maya Integration - RenderMan 20

This RenderMan 20 collection of light rigs is entirely procedural, no textures required. These lights can be imported into any RenderMan for Maya scene for quick lighting setups.

These light rigs include hidden Maya Swatches so you may load them into Maya have have the icons display properly in the GUI. There are two ways of loading up these libraries.

1) First, you can create custom RMS tabs in Maya's Hypershade Manually.

2) Alternatively you can use an special Maya environment variable %MAYA_SHADER_LIBRARY_PATH% to point at your shader library which will be loaded automatically by Maya at startup. You may also refer to the RenderMan Docs about Environment Variables.


 setenv MAYA_SHADER_LIBRARY_PATH /path/path/RMS_Library/ 

Installation - Video Tutorials

Watch these videos showing step by step how to install the RenderMan Light rigs. The first video shows basic installation, and the second video shows more advanced integration with Maya.

Created by Dylan Sisson - Updated by Leif Pedersen

Public Domain. Free of known copyright restrictions.

Public Domain Mark

Model not included. Created by Scott Eaton. Shown for preview purposes only.

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