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RIS Assets

The Big RenderMan 20 Library

Shaders, Lights, and Rigs from the Community in one download, for easy integration with Maya and RenderMan 20.

The Library includes ...

  • 58 Maya Materials for RIS
  • 19 Ready to use Lights with IES Profiles
  • 9 Top Notch Light Rigs
  • 9 Procedural Environment Lights
  • 4 Area Lights
  • 1 Official RenderMan Shader Swatch

Maya Integration

These assets include hidden Maya Swatches so you may load them into Maya have have the icons display properly in the GUI. There are two ways of loading up these libraries.

1) First, you can create custom RMS tabs in Maya's Hypershade Manually or Maya's Visor.

2) Alternatively you can use an special Maya environment variable %MAYA_SHADER_LIBRARY_PATH% to point at your shader library which will be loaded automatically by Maya at startup. You may also refer to the RenderMan Docs about Environment Variables.


 setenv MAYA_SHADER_LIBRARY_PATH /path/path/RMS_Library/ 

Installation - Video Tutorials

Watch these videos showing step by step how to install the RenderMan Light rigs. The first video shows basic installation, and the second video shows more advanced integration with Maya.

Public Domain. Free of known copyright restrictions.

Public Domain Mark

Project Assets
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