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Maya Scene

Mr. Bean

Well, I finally finished my first render with Renderman/RIS. I made the model in ZBrush using a caricature from Jit Leong as reference ( www.caricature.com.sg )

I have not used displacement, I just reduced the number of polygons with decimation Master in ZBrush and I've exported the model to Maya.
For materials I used PxrLMSubsurface for the Skin (In the documentación I find a video tutoríal very useful to learn how to use this shader) A PxrDisney for clothes, playing with specular and bumpmap The eyes have two materials, a PxrDisney for color and PxrLMGlass for reflections The Hair is maya nHair with a PxrHair.
For lighting i use a area light for the keylight and two spots for the rim light. I made the fill light with a plane painted with a white material.
Hope you like it, and sorry for my english.

RenderMan 21 Update:

Scene has been converted by Leif Pedersen for RenderMan 21 and Pixar Surface Shader.

Burley Normalized Subsurface model was used to create a more lifelike skin render, taking advantage of new optimizations for noise and realism available in RenderMan release 21.2.

Initial Subsurface Color and Mean Free Path Color settings were taken from the pxrSurface Subsurface documentation and then tweaked slightly to achieve a cartoony saturation of skin. These values are important to make sure light penetrates accurately in various wavelengths through the skin.

Consequently, tweaking the Mean Free Path Distance, which we've set at 3, becomes very important, so that the light scattering doesn't overwhelm the model and appear like wax.

New SSS weight maps were painted to drive the Gain Subsurface attribute and provide subsurface in accordance with skin fat. This promotes a more realistic scattering of light through the surface.

Some more saturation and red tints were added to the Color Map in order to simulate richer blood vessels under the skin, especially near the eye and mouth area.

Two specular lobes were used to simulate the various layers of fat in the skin. One much rougher than the other.

A little bit of fuzz was added to show some "peach fuzz" hair in the skin.

Lighting had to be remade for analytic area lights and I added some kickers to show off some backscatter in the ears and hair. I took the liberty of changing the lighting to a more traditional soft portrait lighting setup to show a natural skin render.

Finally, some minor hair tweaks were made to improve the silhouette.

Download the Maya Scene

You can render Mr. Bean yourself! It's a great way to see how to set up skin and hair shaders. Download the Maya Scene already set up to render with RIS. Assets include the original ZBrush Sculpt. Just click on the blue button near the bottom of the page.

Files have been updated for RenderMan 21, with legacy access to the RenderMan 20 version and the zbrush sculpt.

About Bruno Ponte

Bruno Ponte is a digital sculptor and lighter living in Barcelona, Spain.


This 3D caricature is property of Bruno Ponte.

All Rights Reserved © Bruno Ponte. For personal use only. Commercial use is prohibited. Not for redistribution without permission.

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