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RenderMan Standalone

Created by Brian Savery | @bsavery

Now that RenderMan is free for all, some people would like to know how to use it, but they don't have Maya or another modeling/animation package. Luckily with just a stock operating system, you can use RenderMan. Here's how. I'm going to explain this for OSX users, but the steps are similar for Windows or Linux.

You will need:

1. RenderMan installed.

2. Any text editor.

3. A command prompt (cmd.exe on windows or the Terminal on OSX).

There are basically three steps (after you've installed renderman):

1. Set up environment. - Environment variables on windows should be set up with the install. However we need to set them up in the terminal on OSX or Linux. There is good docs on how to do that here: https://renderman.pixar.com/resources/current/RenderMan/installOSX.html#setting-up-the-user-s-environment

2. Copy the examples in RMANTREE to a directory, either in the finder, or on the command line. Here I made a directory on my desktop called "examples" and copied the "scenes" directory from /Applications/Pixar/RenderManProServer-19.0/lib/examples/RIS/scenes/ to the examples directory.

Let's try rendering the dinosaur example! That looks fun.

3. Change (cd) to that directory in the terminal and use "prman" to render.

prman is the rendering program, we then pass in the rib (scene file) to that and voila!

Extra steps!

Now let's try changing a few things in the scene. Open the dino.rib file in a text editor.

On line 379 we can see where the Dinosaur material is defined:

Bxdf "PxrDisney" "dino" "reference color baseColor" ["SurfColor:resultRGB"] "reference float roughness" ["Roughness:resultA"]

Lets make a metal dinosaur!

Delete that line, enter this:

Bxdf "PxrLMMetal" "dino"

PxrLMMetal is a metallic material. For more information on this syntax see the docs.

Now if we go and render on the command line again:

prman dino.rib....

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