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RenderMan 21

Stirling: Automobile Rendering

It's been almost 2 years since we last took Stirling out for a drive, and things with RenderMan have moved from strength to strength.

There have been massive shifts in workflows and improvements in speed and funciotnality.

This series of tutorials will lead you through the basics of RenderMan 21, building knowledge and skills through practical exercises, and at a gradual pace. Keep an eye out as there will be updates and new tutorials in the coming weeks and months.

Stirling hasn't been idle either, he's decided to take to hit the racing circuit and had a fetching new paint job.

Getting started with RenderMan 21 Quickstart series.

  1. RenderMan 21: Quickstart 1
  2. RenderMan 21: Quickstart 2
  3. RenderMan 21: Quickstart 3
  4. RenderMan 21: Quickstart 4

Getting started with RenderMan 21 Maya Interface Series.

  1. RenderMan 21: Interface Introduction
  2. RenderMan 21: Interface 2 The Shelf and Rendering Tools.
  3. RenderMan 21: Interface 3 Lighting on the Toolshelf
  4. RenderMan 21 InterFace Toolshelf Lighting 2
  5. RenderMan 21 InterFace Toolshelf Lighting 3 Emissive Geometry
  6. RenderMan 21 InterFace Toolshelf Lighting 4 Filters
  7. RenderMan 21 InterFace Toolshelf Materials
  8. RenderMan 21 InterFace Toolshelf Volumes
  9. RenderMan 21 Interface Holdouts
  10. RenderMan 21 Interface Archives
  11. RenderMan 21: Image Tool 1
  12. RenderMan 21: Image Tool 2
  13. RenderMan 21: Image Tool 3

RenderMan 21 Shaders series.

  1. RenderMan 21: Shaders 1 Color
  2. RenderMan 21: Shaders 2 More Color
  3. RenderMan 21: Shaders 3 Specular
  4. RenderMan 21: Shaders 4 Clearcoat And Irridescense
  5. RenderMan 21: Shaders 5 Stripe
  6. RenderMan 21: Shaders 6 Flakes
  7. RenderMan 21: Shaders 7 general layered shaders.
  8. RenderMan 21: Shaders 8 Stirling layers
  9. RenderMan 21: Shaders 9 Tyre part 1
  10. RenderMan 21: Shaders 10 Tyre part 2
  11. RenderMan 21: Shaders 11 Rims
  12. RenderMan 21: Shaders 12 Spokes

RenderMan 21 Megascans:

  1. RenderMan 21: Megascans. (As seen at the Vancouver RenderMan Users Group.

RenderMan 21 Patterns series.

  1. RenderMan 21: Patterns introduction, Checker and Manifold 2d
  2. RenderMan 21: Understanding the Node Editor, Data types and the essential PxrTee Pattern

Client brief:

We have been retained to produce a series of images of a fictional classic car for a client...
  • Stirling is a car full of character and must be shown in a compelling manner.
  • With a rich heritage of British automotive design, strong lines and obvious physicality he embodies the style and danger of a “Bond" or “Carter" character.
  • “Exquisitely tailored, but deadly."
  • The images should be as photo-real as practicable.
  • Techniques and visual language of of high end automobile photographers will be employed in order to enhance the appeal of the image set.

Inspired by examples from Tim Scott.

Photo Reference Photographs Copyright Tim Scott. You can find more of his beautiful works here: http://www.fluidimages.co.uk/


About Archimage3D:

Real name: Mark Flanagan. Lives in Vancouver.

I'm originally from Dublin in Ireland and have always had an interest in the intersection of art and technology. I've worked in architecture, design visualization, games development, and education. I'm currently a VFX trainer in Double Negative.

Feel free to leave any comments, queries, or suggestions here in the section below and I will try to get back to you.

I get to learn new things every day and relive the joy of learning through teaching others.

Terms of Use

These assets are property of Pixar. By downloading the project files you agree to the terms of use as defined in the EULA for RenderMan Models.

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