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In this series, we will be exploring the technical side of rendering with RenderMan21, and explaining through a educational and "why and how does it work" approach to the lessons. There will be explainer diagrams and renders, but we also dive into sessions in Maya to show the lessons in action!

Each course consists of 10 classes of roughly 30-45min each video tutorial.

If you have trouble viewing the videos from this page, go directly to the Course channel on Vimeo here: https://vimeo.com/channels/1198001

Class 04 - OSL & PxrOSL Part 1

We morph into the second big topic of Course 2: OSL with PxrOSL. In our first class we get the history, intro, and basics out of the way then show our way around PxrOSL with Maya, writing 2 simple OSL shaders from scratch, compiling them, and loading them in Maya/PxrOSL. Another neat example to explore is the RIB scene file that ships with RenderMan Examples that demos a few OSL shaders (carbon fibre and wood), this example being totally standalone RenderMan without Maya so a great learning tool.


1) Intro

2) Docs

3) OSL vs PxrOSL

4) Maya Teapot

5) 1st Simple OSL

6) Primvars st UVs

7) 2nd Simple OSL

8) RIB from Maya

9) Standalone RIB Example

10) Recreate in Maya

11) RIB Summary Slide

Class 03 - Se Expressions Part 3

Description: Applying our Se Expressions lessons into an Iridescence Material with PxrSurface from the all new Preset Browser, we explore a new Kitchen scene available from the RenderMan Community site. We modify an Se Expression from last class into one that works to drive the signal of the “Thin Film Thickness" parameter for our iridescence render of soap bubbles material, explore “thin" refraction, create vector displacement Se Expression with vfbm, vturbulence, and vnoise functions.

Kitchen Scene
Preset Browser
Iridescence Material
Thin Refraction
Visualizing Noise Signal with PxrConstant
SeExpr Iridescence Film Thickness
Animate Iridescence Film Thickness
SeExpr Vector Displacement

Class 02 - Se Expressions Part 2

Description: Continuing off from Part 1, we get into more complex Se Expressions including: vectors and facing ratio variations. And a production example with procedural noise patterns including voronoi and fbm, textures and uv coords all in one pattern. We introduce a much better tool for editing Se Expressions on the fly: Cutter!


Cutter to the Rescue
Vectors: Facing ratio
Facing ratio: metals
Voronoi: anisotropy
Production Example: Intro
Production Example: Se Expr Setup
Production Example: Summary

Links referred to in course

www.cgbreakdown.com (Production Example)

Class 01 - Se Expressions Part 1

Description: Starting off our 2nd course we introduce Se Expressions: great for quick prototyping and programming without compiling, and realtime code modifications of your patterns right in the IPR render! Intro - Introduction to the class

What Is Se Expression? Explanation of the language
Examples - Examples of different kinds of Se Expressions: patterns, textures, normal facing ration, combinations of all.
All Patterns Overview - Overview of all the different types of patterns: factory plugins, Se Expressions, OSL, Custom C++ Patterns
Maya from Scratch - Lets build it up from scratch with our own Se Expression

Maya SeExpr Voronoi - A voronoi pattern for our 1st example, explaining P vs Pobj through animation

Noise Graphs - modifications to the noise signal

Resources - links to documentation and history.



The Big Question - watch to find out!

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