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Class 02 - Se Expressions Part 2

Description: Continuing off from Part 1, we get into more complex Se Expressions including: vectors and facing ratio variations. And a production example with procedural noise patterns including voronoi and fbm, textures and uv coords all in one pattern. We introduce a much better tool for editing Se Expressions on the fly: Cutter!


Cutter to the Rescue
Vectors: Facing ratio
Facing ratio: metals
Voronoi: anisotropy
Production Example: Intro
Production Example: Se Expr Setup
Production Example: Summary

Links referred to in course

www.cgbreakdown.com (Production Example)

Class 01 - Se Expressions Part 1

Description: Starting off our 2nd course we introduce Se Expressions: great for quick prototyping and programming without compiling, and realtime code modifications of your patterns right in the IPR render! Intro - Introduction to the class

What Is Se Expression? Explanation of the language
Examples - Examples of different kinds of Se Expressions: patterns, textures, normal facing ration, combinations of all.
All Patterns Overview - Overview of all the different types of patterns: factory plugins, Se Expressions, OSL, Custom C++ Patterns
Maya from Scratch - Lets build it up from scratch with our own Se Expression

Maya SeExpr Voronoi - A voronoi pattern for our 1st example, explaining P vs Pobj through animation

Noise Graphs - modifications to the noise signal

Resources - links to documentation and history.



The Big Question - watch to find out!

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